Using 3D Map Videos is a powerful new way of showcasing your property, event's location or tourist business. 3D Map Videos are effective 1-3 minute videos using Google Earth's broadcast-quality graphics and powerful aerial animation engine to showcase nearby landmarks to potential home-buyers,  visitors or event attendees. Every Neighborhood has a story to tell! Use 3D Map Videos to tell yours.

First step: Start your order by filling out the online order form below

Second step: Enter the address of the location you'd like the video to focus on. Then enter 5-10 landmarks you would like your video to spotlight nearby including such places as:

  • Nearby schools
  • Nearby Parks
  • Nearby Hospital
  • Nearby Restaurants and Shopping
  • Nearby Entertainment

And don't worry! Our team of researchers and our database of neighborhood highlights will be used to help increase engagement.

Third step: Select your background music.

If you're interested in adding a little splash, we'll send you a voice timing sheet. Use your smartphone and record your very own narration and email us the voice file from your phone. We'll do the rest.